We’re All VideoFreex!

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Sunday, March 9 | 4:00 p.m.
We’re All VideoFreex!
East Building Auditorium, National Gallery of Art (off campus event)

A discussion with Skip Blumberg, Videofreex member and artist; Parry Teasdale, Videofreex co-founder and editor, and Tom Colley, collections manager, Video Data Bank.

In the late 60s, the recording of image and sound with instantaneous playback signaled the dawn of a new media—video—that was more accessible and more discreet than film had ever been. With video cameras known as portapaks in hand, the co-founders of the Videofreex collective (1969-1978) were pioneers in the development of community television, founders of the country’s first pirate TV station, as well as mentors and instructors to countless individuals interested in making and sharing an open system of production. A selection of videos produced by the Freex and archived at Video Data Bank in Chicago features an interview with Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers, a discussion with organizer Abbey Hoffman, and excerpts from other early video recordings.

This discussion is one of several talks, films and performances in the series organized by the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, Jump Over Timecurated by Joanna Raczynska (’98, Visual Arts) of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  Jump Over Time looks at some creative uses of video documentation as an idiom and form used by media artists. When does the video documentation of an event shift from witness to evidence? If a performance is designed for the camera is the urgency, the live-ness, of the performance obliterated?  When the video maker’s intent is to re-present a specific historic period, action, or happening, can reenactments be considered documentation? Selected works as well as visiting artists and archivists will speak to the many ways archives—brimming with mediated experiences—that are critical to cultural determination, memory and practice.

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