Umbilicus and Ukes at UMBC (U.U.U.)

Umbilicus and Ukes at UMBC (U.U.U.)
Friday, July 29, 7:30 p.m.
Music Box

The Umbilicus ensemble, featuring Tom Goldstein, Shelly Purdy, Paul Neidhardt, and Will Redman, presents “Umbilicus and Ukes at UMBC (U.U.U.),” featuring composer John Berndt and the Baltimore Ukulele Symphonette under the direction of Jared Denhardt.

The ensemble offers, “How many concerts have there been since the beginning of time? I don’t know and neither do you. But on July 29, percussion quartet Umbilicus, the Baltimore Ukulele Symphonette, and composer John Berndt are planning to increase that number by one. And YOU, YOU, YOU are invited. And while you are there, you will experience the whirled premiere of John Berndt’s Tinted Glooms for two marimbas and electronics, AND ukers (or ukulelists, or ukulelians) playing Celtic, classical, popular and original compositions, AND four people playing one snare drum simultaneously (even though they each own their own snare drum).”

Admission is free. The Music Box is located on the first floor of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building, and free parking is available immediately adjacent the venue in Lot 8.

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