Stephanie Maxwell, Visiting Artist Lecture

StephanieMaxwellVisual Arts
Monday, April 27 | 12:15 p.m.
Stephanie Maxwell, Visiting Artist Lecture
221 Fine Arts Building

Stephanie Maxwell‘s film works encompass a wide variety of animation and live production techniques. She is widely known for her innovative works in direct on film animation, and in later works she has incorporated object, drawing, motion painting, and mixed live and animation processes. She has created a large body of award-winning film works that are stunningly beautiful and unique. Maxwell collaborates with composers and other artists on most of her works, preferably from the beginning idea of a work so that the different art components can form a “dialogue” and “wrap around each other” within the work. She has taught many workshops and led major projects of production groups on this kind of art making process that she calls “true collaboration.” Maxwell has had major retrospectives of her works in New Zealand, London, Paris, Seattle, Los Angeles and Ottawa.

Stephanie Maxwell is Professor in the School of Film and Animation (SOFA) at Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York). She teaches courses in animation and experimental cinema, and she is SOFA’s Animation Program Chair. She grew up on the U.S. west coast and has a background in marine biology and extensive underwater diving. Her most recent films are live action works that are focused on water and light and were “shot with the sensibility of an animator.”

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