Sowing Struggle: Social Movements and the Future of Corn in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Luz Rivera MartinezSocial Sciences Forum
Monday, September 16 | 5:00 p.m.
“Sowing Struggle: Social Movements and the Future of Corn in Tlaxcala Mexico,” Luz Rivera Martinez, Co-founder, Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino
Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery

This Social Science Forum is co-sponsored with the Departments of Geography and Environmental Systems, Political Science, American Studies, Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, Global Studies Program, the Women’s Center, the Shriver Center, and the Honors College.

Luz Rivera Martinez, co-founder and lead organizer of Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino (CNUC), an organization that advocates for and accompanies peasant workers, a bus drivers’ cooperative and the National Assembly of Braceros in their struggles against government corruption, police repression and neoliberalism.

Luz will speak about her 20 years of experience in women’s, peasant and labor movements. As CNUC’s lead organizer, Luz has worked tirelessly to demand government accountability, defend family farms, resist the use of GMO seeds, and build inspiring, community-based autonomous projects.


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