Qué culpa tiene el tomate (From the Land to Your Table)

Wednesday, October 24 | 7:15 p.m.
Qué culpa tiene el tomate (From the Land to Your Table)
University Center Ballroom Lounge

What do you get when you take seven directors from seven different countries with seven different cultures and points of view? From the Land to Your Table shows the perspectives of seven different talented film makers and directors from throughout Latin America as they capture the conditions and cultural diversity of produce markets in their individual countries. Each segment retains its own unique style and tone as it leads the view through the fascinating story of the foods that eventually wind up on our tables.

Dir. Alejo Hoijman, Josué Mendez, Carolina Navas,
Paola Vieira, Alejandra Szeplaki, Jorge Coira & Marcos Loayza Montoya.Co-production Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain. 2009.

Film will be in Spanish, Portugese, Galician, and Aymara with English subtitles.

Dr. John Stolle-McAllister will lead a discussion the film.

Part of UMBC’s Spanish-Language Film Festival: Discovering New Film from Spain and Latin America

The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, and its Program for Cultural Cooperation with United States’ Universities.

The film series is co-sponsored by the departments of Education, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Geography and Environmental Studies; the Honors College, the Language, Literacy and Culture program, the New Media Studio, and the Media and Communication Studies program.

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