Histories/Photographies and History in Focus

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April 6 – May 30
Histories/Photographies and History in Focus
Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery

The Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery shows two concurrent exhibitions: Histories/Photographies and History in Focus.

The 43 images in Histories/Photographies explore how the disciplines of history and photography are inextricable, with history being one of photography’s primary subjects, and photography itself being subject to history. Through an array of strategies, the 13 artists whose work is featured in this exhibition record the traces of the past that exist in the present, mine the telling and dissemination of photography’s own history, and engage with the ever-evolving materiality of photographs. Their work reveals that history, and the history of photography in particular, is not merely an episodic succession of events, innovations, and movements, but rather a far more complex layering or recordings, encounters, and perspectives through and across time. [Organized by the DePaul Art Museum.]

For History in Focus, a selection of photographs drawn from UMBC’s Photography Collections features images that document events of historical significance occurring since the invention of photography in the late-1820s, including those images which, through their own creation and existence, signify monumental points in the history of photography itself. [Organized by the Albin O. Kuhn Gallery, UMBC.]

Admission to the gallery is free. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, on Thursday until 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5 pm. For more information call 410-455-2270.

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