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Art During the Time of COVID-19

OCA Mocha

The Gallery at OCA Mocha presents Art During the Time of COVID-19, on display through October 2. Featured artists include Emily Beaver, April Berardi, Satya Emerick, Gloria Tseng Fischer, Susan Flanagan, Aarthi Haig, hana, Symone Hardy, Imani K. Jackson, Karly Maroney, Eben McCullough (TheAntArts), Kris McElroy, Kathleen McPartland, Autumn Lynn Miller, Julie Miller, Phoebe O'Dell, Preet Patel, Rachel Pomponi, Wanda Prather, Yuxiao Ran, Josh Schneider, and Diana Tsuji.

Daniel Pesca: Collaborations and Inspirations


As part of its CIRCA Presents series, the Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in Arts presents pianist Daniel Pesca, who will speak on Collaborations and Inspirations.

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