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CompWire, a festival of new music and UMBC student composers, features composer-in residence Sofia Kamayianni, the Strata and Voyager ensembles, the Frisof/Pesca Duo, eight senior recitals in one weekend, and more than 25 premiere performances.

MEMS Colloquium: “Listeners as Players, Music As Play”


The Medieval and Early Modern Studies minor of UMBC's Department of History hosts Elizabeth Randell Upton, associate professor of musicology at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, whose primary research area is medieval music. Her recent work examines late fourteenth and early fifteenth century vocal music to discover evidence for the experiences of performers and listeners in the medieval past, recorded in surviving musical notation.

Strata — Concert One


The Department of Music presents the Strata ensemble in the first of two performance, featuring works by Béla Bartók, Carl Reinecke, Rebecca Clarke, and John B. Hedges. A second performance on April 9 will highlight works by UMBC student composers.

Strata — Concert Two


The Department of Music presents the Strata ensemble in the second of two performances, featuring works by UMBC student composers. (The first performance on April 8 features works by Béla Bartók, Carl Reinecke, Rebecca Clarke, and John Hedges.)

Home Bodies: 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition

Online and at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture

The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture presents Home Bodies: 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition, featuring works by this year's graduates in Intermedia & Digital Arts — Rahne Alexander, Safiyah Cheatam, Danielle Damico, Lindsay T. D’Andelet, Elijah Davis, Maksym Prykhodko, and Amelia Voos.

CAHSS Spotlight Virtual Event


A College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Spotlight Event will present "Amidst Great Change: Why a Career in the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences is Rewarding and Valuable." This conversation, moderated by Charles "Tot" Woolston, will feature Ana Maria Schwartz Caballero, Vin Grabill, Nancy Miller, Derek Musgrove, and Jason Schiffman.

Alternative Venues in the Visual and Performing Arts


The Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA) presents Alternative Venues in the Visual and Performing Arts: Innovative ways to bring art to audiences. The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for the arts in many ways, leading to postponements, cancellations, and the closing of arts venues. But it has also inspired ingenious alternative ways to bring art to audiences. This panel brings together the people behind four compelling examples, encompassing dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts.

The Japanese Connection


The Voyager Ensemble returns to UMBC with The Japanese Connection, featuring musicians and music from Japan! The program celebrates old and new works from Japan, with timeless classic A Way a Lone for string quartet by Toru Takemitsu as well as a world-premiere by Yuriko Hase Kojima, a string quartet based on landscape installation Sunken Garden by the legendary Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. A special guest artist, James Nyoraku Schlefer, will join the ensemble on shakuhachi (Japanese wooden flute), bringing his own composition 2 Blue for shakuhachi and viola.

Frisof/Pesca Duo: Beauty Crying Forth


The Frisof/Pesca Duo, featuring flutist Sarah Frisof and pianist Daniel Pesca, present Beauty Crying Forth: Flute Music by Women Across Time, featuring repertoire spanning one and half centuries for flute by female composers, including music by Clara Schumann, Lili Boulanger, Tania León, Shulamit Ran, and Amy Williams. Frisof and Pesca will chart two parallel lineages: the evolution of flute repertoire from the Romantic era to the current day, and the overlooked role of female composers in shaping that repertoire.

DaMaris B. Hill: “A Bound Woman?”


The Humanities Forum presents DaMaris B. Hill, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, English, and African American Studies, University of Kentucky, who will read from and speak about her poetry collection, A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing, a narrative-in-verse that bears witness to American women of color burdened by incarceration. For her talk, Hill will be in conversation with Keegan Cook Finberg, assistant professor of English, and affiliate faculty in Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies and Language, Literacy & Culture.

Brea Sounders Artist Talk with Lia Purpura


In conjunction with the exhibition End of the Road, the Library Gallery presents a Virtual Artist’s Talk: Brea Souders and Lia Purpura in Conversation. Brea Souders, whose work is on display, is a visual artist working primarily with photography; Lia Purpura is writer in residence at UMBC.

CIRCA Presents: Marnie Ellen Hertzler and Corey Hughes


The Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA) presents Marnie Ellen Hertzler and Corey Hughes. Hertzler is a video artist, animator and filmmaker working in experimental narrative and hybrid documentary; Hughes is director and cinematographer traversing narrative, documentary and experimental realms. The two will discuss their individual work as well as their director-cinematographer collaborations.

Ruth Wilson Gilmore: “Making Abolition Geographies”


The Humanities Forum presents the Annual Daphne Harrison Lecture, featuring Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, the Graduate Center, City University of New York, who will speak on Making Abolition Geographies: Social Justice Organizing for Vulnerable Households, Workers, and Communities.



UMBC's Department of Theatre presents Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Eve Muson with Sierra Young. This modern riff on the fifteenth-century morality play Everyman follows Everybody as they journey through life’s greatest mystery — the meaning of living. As passionate as ever about new ways of making theatre, UMBC Theatre dives into the streaming space with this audacious production that celebrates life, love, and community.

UMBC Chamber Players


The Department of Music presents the UMBC Chamber Players under the direction of Airi Yoshioka. Students in the Chamber Players perform a wide variety of instrumental chamber works, ranging from Baroque, Classical, Romantic to contemporary repertoire.

You’re Not Alone


You're Not Alone, an exhibition presented by the Gallery at OCA Mocha, features 23 pieces about mental health, created by 16 artists: Bryan Castillo, Lauren Brock, Bianca Newman, Rachel Droter, Ricardo Hawkins, Pluto Swift, Kelly Snyder, Ruby Bassford, DJ Becraft, Bess Lumsden, Tony LaBate, Hunter Sugg, Marissa Clayton, Pattie Archuleta, Derek Roper, and Martina Maya-Callen.

Roberto Dyea (Pueblo of Laguna and Mesita) Artist Talk


Please join us for an artist talk by Roberto M. Dyea (Tsi YOO Nah in Native Laguna Pueblo), who has come from a long way home from Barstow, California. In April 2019, he proudly earned his Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts at the University of Redlands, becoming the first generation in his family to earn a BA degree.

Noelle Mason: “Contact with the Screen”


The Department of Visual Arts presents an artist talk by Noelle Mason, who will speak on "Contact with the Screen." In her multi-media work, the artist focuses on the subtle seductiveness of power facilitated by institutionalized systems of visual control, the insufficiency of images to communicate experiential layers of meaning, and the disruptive effects of such control on our responses to increasingly traumatic rifts in the American cultural fabric.

Scarcely one without defect: Imagined Beauty in Venice


Please join us for a Mini MEMS Lunch and Learn with Paula Maust, who will speak on "Scarcely one without defect: Imagined Beauty in Venice." Her talk will explore the 18th-century Venetian institution Ospedali Grandi, at which women with disabilities became outstanding musicians, although they performed behind latticed screens, hidden from view.

SPARK IV: A New World? — Opening Reception


Please join us for the virtual Opening Reception of SPARK IV: A New World? — a popup gallery featuring works by UMBC and Towson University artists, presented in partnership with Maryland Art Place (MAP) and through the generous sponsorship of PNC Bank. 

UMBC Opera Workshop


The Department of Music presents the UMBC Opera Workshop under the direction of Sammy Huh, performing excerpts from Act One of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro.

Isolation and Community

Proscenium Theatre

Isolation and Community is an immersive sound and lighting experience that imagines the viewer as a part of the visual and sonic environment. Utilizing large sound and lighting systems and emerging control technologies, this project will take place in the Proscenium Theatre and will explore the themes of isolation and the need for community that our society is struggling with in this era of global pandemic, lockdowns and fear of the other.

Senior Exit Exhibition 2021


The Department of Visual Arts presents the Senior Exhibition, available online through Friday, June 11. The exhibition reflects the interdisciplinary orientation and the technological focus of the Department of Visual Arts. It also provides the opportunity for undergraduate seniors to exhibit within a professional setting prior to exiting the University. 

UMBC New Music Ensemble


The Department of Music presents the UMBC New Music Ensemble under the direction of Daniel Pesca. The program includes works by Eve Beglarian, Frederic Rzewski, Ruby Fulton, and Andy Akiho, and premieres by UMBC student composers Dale Gray and D'Juan Moreland. 

SPARK IV: A New World? Video Program


The SPARK IV: A New World? exhibition presents a 90-minute video program featuring works by UMBC and Towson University faculty and stuff, including Alex Garove, Angela Endres, Danielle Damico, Fahmida Hossain. Irene Chan, Kat Navarro, Lucy Adelizzi, Lydia Hillman, Marcel Moone, Mind on Fire (with Timothy Nohe, Jason Bernagozzi, Corrie Frances Parks, and Evan Tedlock), Noah Niles, Samantha Frost, Sarah G. Sharp, Sylvia Eken, Timothy Nohe, UMBC Intro to Animation students, and uni.Sol (Stephen Bradley with international collaborators).

Thing Theatre


The Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA) presents Thing Theatre, a program featuring work from Maryland puppetry artists Schroeder Cherry, Dirk Joseph, and Colette Searls. Susan Stroupe will host the event and moderate a live Q&A with the artists.


I Want to Be


The SPARK Gallery presents I Want to Be, a performance event that will occur, in three performances, via telephone conference call by Anna Kroll and Chloe Engel, on May 14, May 28, and June 25.

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