Disability, Justice, and the Future of the Humanities

Michael Berubé, President, MLA

Monday, October 15, 7:00 p.m.
Proscenium Theater, Performing Arts and Humanities Building
Michael Berubé, President, Modern Language Association
“Disability, Justice, and the Future of the  Humanities”

Humanities Forum
Co-Sponsored with the Department of English

This talk will discuss how the disciplines of the humanities create and challenge our definitions of the human– an ancient question, of course, but one that has been reinvigorated in recent years by the advent of disability studies.  The study of disability has profound implications for our self-understanding, insofar as it brings new perspectives to the study of literature, history, philosophy, and society.  And those new perspectives, in turn, can help to shape the future of the humanities– and the future of humanity.

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